Bridging the gap on Windows

The ultimate font management solution designed exclusively for Windows. FontPilot simplifies your creative workflow by offering an intuitive interface where you can easily preview, organize, and activate your fonts with a single click. Whether you're a designer or developer, FontPilot enhances your productivity by providing powerful search capabilities, customizable previews, and seamless integration across your desktop.

What we're solving for

Let's face the hard fact, Windows users have long faced a disparity when it comes to well crafted native tools compared to their macOS counterparts. Windows has embraced a culture of freeware and open source tooling, which provides incredible flexability and power, but it's often missing a thoughtful visual design language and exceptional user experience—or we're stuck using slow performing, non-native cross-platform Electron applications (which isn't a bad thing, we love cross-platform apps). But... there is a better way. What if we had Windows first applications that solved the problems we encounter in our workflows without being forced into owning a Mac for the benefits of some software.

We're Seth (CLEAR, ex-Capital One), Jackson (Spotify, ex-Capital One), and Ryan (Microsoft, ex-Capital One) and that's why we've founded Ventana. We're on a mission to elevate the Windows experience by developing beautifully crafted, fully native applications that solve everyday problems for designers and developers. Performant, thoughtfully designed, and native.

Stay tuned for updates. We'll be launching FontPilot on the Microsoft Store soon.