Sharing the magic of stOries

As a designer, storytelling is more than a passion for me. I created Runebound Press to publish my own unyielding passions for adventure, vibrant board and card games, and captivating homebrew Dungeons & Dragons modules.

I've been lucky to work with a dedicated and thriving community of fantasy lovers and creators, and I want to build a platform that helps amplifying emerging talent, providing a platform for diverse voices, and enriching the fantasy genre with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Scalability and Visibility

The Runebound Press logo was designed with digital platforms and print materials in mind, ensuring high visibility and clarity across not only various screen sizes, resolutions, and digital formats but also across book covers, spines, and paper materials.

As a publisher of content that spans both digital implementation and physical literature, the logo is designed to unify the brand across all media. For readers who may transition from enjoying a Runebound Press game to picking up one of its supplemental materials, the logo serves as a familiar and trusted symbol, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.


The Riddle of the Silver Swan and The merchant's Grimoire, Coming sOon

The first module to be released by Runebound Press is "The Riddle of the Silver Swan'', which takes place in the quiet town of Elderglen, nestled beside the mysterious Shrouded Forest, where a puzzling tale begins to unfold. This module will be accompanied by a supplemental rulebook called "The Merchant's Grimoire: The Economics of Adventure".