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Team Taco Mania

150+ Duplicates

A taco-tastic team building exercise for your team to craft their favorite (or most ridiculous) tacos together!

Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin

2,600+ Duplicates

Bring the Chat Plugin into your Figma files to see how it would look on your landing and e-commerce pages.

Android 10 Biometric Prompt

3,600+ Duplicates

Bring the Android 10 biometric authentication dialogs right in to your designs.



2018 - Present, Creator & Maintainer | 365+ Forks and 500+ Stars

An open source DIY self-hosted alternative to services like Linktree and many.link.

Traverse Employee Care 

2021 - Present, Freelance

Making it easier to test employees, track vaccinations, and build internal accountability for COVID-19 policies.


2019 - Present, Freelance

Advanced turn-by-turn directions helping oil, gas, and heavy industry drivers avoid roads they aren't allowed to use.


2020 - Present, Founder

A no bullshit video sharing service, designed for gamers.


Cura Technology, Inc.

2020 - 2021, Co-Founder

Reimagining the way you communicate, create communities, and co-care for your loved ones.


2018, Development, & Conversation Design

Helping Fairfax County, VA reduce recycling contamination and find sustainable alternatives through a conversational assistant.


2017 - 2019, Development, & Conversation Design

Helping users navigate respurces to help reduce their risk after the Equifax breach through a conversational security assistant.

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